What wedding dress suits me? Or what shape wedding dress should I wear? Are both questions we get asked a lot here at Olivia George Bridal, shopping for your “perfect” wedding dress will see you taking into account many different things including the shape and style of the dress as well as the price.

Here is our guide to dressing your body shape to help you find your “perfect” wedding dress, but please remember that there is nothing more true than actually trying on. We always recommend trying on lots of varying styles so that you can be sure you have really chosen the right style for you.

Booking an appointment at a boutique where you get the personal service is highly recommended, at Olivia George Bridal we only have one appointment at a time so you really do get our full attention where we are on hand to guide and advise you all the way to finding your dream dress.

Hourglass Shape

Whilst similar to the pear shape, your hips and shoulders are more balanced and you have more of a bust than the pear shape. Your waist is defined and your curves will definitely be your assets.

Do Try On: To really make the most of your shape head towards the dresses that are fitted at the waistline and A-Line in shape, a corset wedding dress will really help to show off your shape to its best. A sweetheart or off the shoulder neck line would look amazing and really highlight the bust and hips being balanced.

Try To Avoid: Your hips and bust are already perfectly balanced so stay away from dresses that add any extra weight in these areas, dresses that have a heavy skirt or princess style skirt will be much less flattering as will the empire style wedding dresses.

Best Styles: A-Line, fitted waist dresses, fit and flare wedding dresses, sweetheart, strapless and off the shoulder necklines.

Pear Shape

Your hips are wider than your bust with a nice defined waist, your shoulders and neck are quite narrow/dainty.

Do Try On: For a dress that is going to show off your lovely curves whilst bringing attention to your waist we recommend fitted wedding dresses, a dress that is fitted all the way down will really highlight your shape. Also do try on a few dresses with some shoulder detailing or a sleeve that could help balance out your shoulders to hips.

Try To Avoid: Empire line’s or loosely fitted dresses are usually best avoided for the pear shaped body as they tend to make you look bigger than what you actually are therefore not showing your figure off to its best.

Best Styles: Fitted wedding dresses, fishtail wedding dresses, wedding dresses with sleeves/cap sleeves.

Oval Shape

You have a large bust and narrow hips, your midsection is fuller and wider than your bust and hips. You have more slender arms and legs. Often this shape is referred to as the Apple body shape.

Do Try On: Dresses that flow through the waistline is what you are looking for, choose dresses that are straight and softly flared. Go for dresses with lots of detail to the upper body along with a lower neckline, this will help to draw the eye away from your midsection.

Try To Avoid: Pleats and higher necklines, these will drown your chest and merge your body parts leaving you with no definition between your body sections.

Best Styles: Straight/slim wedding dresses, v-necklines and embellished necklines.

Straight Shape

You have a straight body with a less defined waist with your hips and bust being fairly balanced and you are not as curvy. Often this body shape is described as a “sporty” body shape,

When choosing your wedding dress for a straight body shape it is a good idea to look for dresses that are going enhance your waistline.

Do Try On: Wedding dresses that have a full skirt as this will help to give the illusion that your hips are wider than they are thus adding a more feminine shape to your look. Do also try on wedding dresses that have a u or v shaped neckline as well as some embellishments around the neckline as this will add to creating angles to your body shape.

Try To Avoid: Dresses that have no definition to their shape, like a column dress usually will not give you a defined waist, also often a strapless dress will highlight your shoulders creating them to appear broader than they are.

Best Styles: Princess wedding dresses, Ball gown wedding dresses

Inverted Triangle Shape

Your upper body and shoulders are proportionally larger than your lower body. Your waist and hips are slim column shaped and your shoulders are broad.

Do Try On: To balance out your shape head for dresses that have lots of beautiful detail like an all over lace pattern it will help to draw the eye downwards instead of focusing on the upper half. V–necked wedding dresses are great for your body shape and by choosing dresses with thicker straps or even a capped sleeve you will help to make your shoulders more subtle.

Try To Avoid: Off the shoulder, halter-neck and strapless dresses will usually draw attention to your wider shoulders.

Best Styles: All over detailed dresses, V-necked wedding dresses and sheath wedding dresses.

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Busty Shape

Your bust is the biggest part of your body shape, often you will find it hard to find clothes that will make you feel supported enough. Do not worry as wedding dresses are made to support!

Do Try On: Focus on your overall body shape and try dresses on to suit that, because a lot of our wedding dresses are chosen for their quality and structure then you really do not have to worry too much about not being supported! You can opt for a higher neckline dress and dresses with straps or even off the shoulder straplines will work too if the overall dress is made with support in mind. Dresses that are fitted under the bust are flattering for women with a larger bust.

Try To Avoid: Dresses with very low necklines, strapless and backless dresses will not provide the support you require. You don’t want to spend your day pulling your dress up!

Best Styles: Mermaid wedding dresses, illusion neck-line dresses.

Small Busted Shape

You have a smaller bust and struggle to find clothes that don’t gap. You will have more options than the larger busted ladies when it comes to styles but you still need to make sure there is enough detailing in the top half of your wedding dress, this will help to balance out the small size of your upper body.

Do Try On: Go for dresses that have lots of detail to the upper body, you can go for lots of embellishment with a smaller bust-line. Backless dresses are definitely an option to try on as you need less support, there are some beautiful dresses that have delicate detailing that really will look amazing!

Try To Avoid: Strapless dresses, sweetheart necklines

Best Styles: Dresses with beautiful backs, backless wedding dresses, plunging neckline wedding dresses