Anyone who’s watched our regular Lives (every Friday – Facebook – 7pm! 😉), or who has spoken to us or already had their appointment with us will know we are hugely enthusiastic about body positivity! And that’s ALL bodies – by the way…
We are passionate plus-size specialists because we know how hard it is for our curvy brides to find a GOOD choice of samples to try, as well as a positive attitude towards the desires of us curvy girls to also feel amazing, beautiful – hell – even sexy on our big day! What we hate to hear the most is when any of our brides come to us having been told that they ‘shouldn’t’ try a certain style or ‘that won’t suit you’. It is confidence and soul destroying, and it’s all too common.

That said, we are hot on empowering any bride to get stuck in and try try try – try all of the shapes, all of the fabrics – throw out the ‘rule book’ (no you don’t have to be specifically an hourglass shape to try a mermaid dress on!) regardless of size or shape everyone has their hang ups and we love nothing better than helping you guys to shake those off and take a real leap of faith when shopping for your dream gown. When we know you trust us enough to try a style we’ve suggested even though you were super nervous about your appointment and this is the last thing you’d dream of trying – that is a real empowering moment all round!

Specializing in plus size simply means that we have made a conscious commitment to our size 16+ ladies that we WILL provide a good choice of gowns to try. As with many boutiques all of our dresses are order-able up to size 34 and often larger… but the important thing is being able to try them on in the first place!

If you’re a smaller size and love our vibe please don’t think we can’t help! Bridal sizing comes up small don’t forget – and we have lots of tricks to pin you into dresses up to 2 or 3 sizes either way whilst still showing the style and details off perfectly, so don’t worry! We regularly place orders for brides from (roughly) size 10 upwards and absolutely love to help all of you find the dress of your dreams! In addition, look out for our trunk show announcements… these designer events are a great opportunity for us to maximize our designer collections covering all sizes, and there are special offers on these weekends too!

We love all our brides; size/shape/skin tone/sexuality is never a factor, so get booking! And any questions beforehand get in touch – we love to make you all feel at ease before your appointments ❤️ In fact, we are always happy to answer questions even if you haven’t booked with us. Our Friday Lives are a great way of picking our brains!

Another thing – we are (and we cannot stress this enough) passionately